Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Buying badges... (1)

On the 15th Nov 2010 I took the delivery of two unique badges, at first ones that I thought I would find it difficult to get my hands on, but this was not the case - thanks to eBay!

Here are two Soviet Union/USSR/Russian Communist badges, the small one has always appeared on the Ace jacket from day one ("Dragonfire") but the larger badge didn't appear until "Curse of Fenric" as a gift from Commander Sovrin.

They both have these strange awkward metal flanks that I presume I should be bending to put into position, but given the length of them and the fact I may have to cut the jacket to get them on, I think this will be quite tricky indeed!

But come to think of it, cutting the flanks should do it, while adapting the larger badge to be a pin-on (as is seen in "Curse of Fenric")

Now to get the other 35+odd badges!

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