Saturday, 26 November 2011

Long time no post!

Well it has been a long time hasn't it!

And what a better time to post again, since my last post (wow, was it really May?!) the jacket has come in leaps and bounds. Bounds mainly. No actually, things beginning with 'b'.

That's right!


Lots of badges are slowly being identified after many long chats with new found co-cosplayer Kurt* whom has an eagle-eye and is a hot eBayer!

Without Kurt, many of the new badges identified (two of them, the mysterious badges mentioned previously) will not have been found! More about these when my copies arrive.

Its good to finally be talking to someone who not only knows what they are talking about, plus is making the thing themselves but especially given that they are more keen than I to trail through hundreds of pages of eBay searches! Haha.

Anyway, you may also have noticed that the website has had a redesign! Gone are my crude photoshopped graphics and welcomed a more stylised wallpaper that really sets this blog aside from the others. Though, its still black, but Ace wears black (mostly) so maybe I'm stuck with that...

Next Time... Badge updates

*Kurt has also crossed into my own field of fan audios, impersonating The Seventh Doctor Who in Darker Projects' "The Infinity Doctors" which also, ironically, features my own fan Doctor's companion actress, Tegan Harris, as Ace!]