Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Unknowns Soon to be Revealed

Sophie recently teased on Facebook that she will be taking close up pictures of her original screen used jacket's badges and patches, including the "Unknown" ones.

Lets hope our continuous investigations are correct!

Ace Back Patch

Fascinating things always arrive when you least expect and are found in the most bizarre ways.

A few good years ago, Ace-actress Sophie Aldred featured in ReelTime's pictorial interview videos. Sophie appears in the trailers for those videos, which can be seen before the feature of the Making of Shakedown, I have included it here for your reference:

As you can see from the first few seconds we see Sophie in (I presume) her Ace jacket and we get a nice clear shot of the back Ace patch.

I realise this patch isn't new to some people, as someone cleverly produced this digitally recently which has been very useful, plus the same artwork (or someone else's) appeared on the front of a Doctor Who Magazine, either way, this is an excellent short glimpse at the jacket post-TV show.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Roofing Patch - Part 1

Its that time again, for another long overdue update, but not quite as I intended...

You may remember in a post from last year about my attempts to produce a replica of the Ace Roofing Co. Lee patch that adorns the right hand side of the jacket. Well my favourite embroidery company in the Ukraine got back to me today after having the graphic I produced for a week and made this beauty:

Splendid! With no access to an original (I hope that changes one day) to decipher general shape (you wouldn't believe how difficult that is, even with the warmcanofcoke reproductions to work from) or size, I think this is rather spiffy.

I am currently waiting for this to arrive. For the cosplay readers of this blog who do intend to make the Ace jacket, I have asked the embroider if they are happy to produce more and if so, I could purchase a bunch to send to those interested.

In the meantime however I did produce a felt version that would have been a placeholder for an event we were due to attend, unfortunately complications arose so we couldn't in the end, but at least that gives us more time to get this sexy thing on the jacket before the next one.

More details about the poor reproduction in the next post...