Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ace on Twitter!

And don't forget, THE Sophie Aldred is also on Twitter!

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Tweet nice things at her by tweeting @sophie_aldred

I might try and tweet her and see if we can get a cheeky little costume related interview, wishful thinking I know!

Doctor Who Magazine - ACE!

Yes, I'm sure the mag is great in general, but no, the latest issue #445 has Ace (aka Sophie Aldred) on the back! A few nice pictures inside, including one that revealed the Union Jack shield badge as mentioned a few posts previously.

Buy it at any good retailer - but be quick the next one is due soon!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

New Badge, New Update Photo

With the arrival of a few minor badges, I thought it best to post another picture to show you all how its looking, and its looking rather splendid - even if its missing some major patches.

Here it is hanging today, with the new arrivals;

Fortunately, thanks to the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine we have identified the mysterious Union Jack shield badge on the right chest. Here is a quick mock up of the DWM image with the badge as was bought from eBay.

Having said that, a friend who owns one of the original screen-used Ace jackets confirmed that warmcanofcoke's original 'Carnaby Street' assumption is indeed correct still, both were used across the jackets. I assume when the stunt jackets were made they had to find something! and maybe the England ones were as close as possible.

Next major jacket update... the impossible patch vector artwork

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Jacket Update - New Badges and a mock up

Here's a set of pictures taken last year, around November time, of the jacket as it more or less stands now.

We were due to visit an event (on possible one of the most hottest weekends of the year - unfortunately too hot to wear the jacket but we made some friends who noticed it) so I cobbled together a mock up of the "ACE" on the back, made of red, white and yellow felt. I had photoshopped its approximate size in relation to screengrabs and images from the programme, it doesn't look too bad in fact. Obviously not the correct material, the correct material was more like the makings of the jacket itself. I'll see what I can find.

After this we still had some nice weather so I took some time and did some photos in the garden with my other favourite prop right now, the Seventh Doctor's umbrella.

New Year and no post? Sheesh

Wow just as long long time no post, this is madness. Do people even visit this place anymore with the lack of updates? Sheesh. I should really change that.

Not a great deal has happened over the new year with the jacket to be honest, I say that, its looking ten times better than the previous update. I guess my facebook is updated more!

As per the previous post, lots of new additions have been added to the jacket. This includes;

Say No to Nuclear Power
The mysterious Football badge
United Stages flag

and a few others that I had mentioned over the past few posts. Next post I'll post pictures of the jacket with the new badges.