Saturday, 24 March 2012

New Badge, New Update Photo

With the arrival of a few minor badges, I thought it best to post another picture to show you all how its looking, and its looking rather splendid - even if its missing some major patches.

Here it is hanging today, with the new arrivals;

Fortunately, thanks to the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine we have identified the mysterious Union Jack shield badge on the right chest. Here is a quick mock up of the DWM image with the badge as was bought from eBay.

Having said that, a friend who owns one of the original screen-used Ace jackets confirmed that warmcanofcoke's original 'Carnaby Street' assumption is indeed correct still, both were used across the jackets. I assume when the stunt jackets were made they had to find something! and maybe the England ones were as close as possible.

Next major jacket update... the impossible patch vector artwork

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