Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Buying patches... (2)

A new arrival!

This time its the British Small Arms shoulder patch that runs along the top of the left arm. Nothing too special about this patch, it is available in both silver trim (like this one) and gold trim. I bought this one off eBay on request of the seller.

Funny thing about this patch, is that it isn't always on the jacket! And I always remember this patch first, lol. This patch isn't seen in "Happiness Patrol", "Silver Nemesis" and "Greatest Show in the Galaxy"

I'm sure there's more - do bear with me!

Monday, 3 January 2011

First Progress Shot

Nowhere near complete of course, but I thought I'd share this; the first snap of the bomber jacket with patches and badges on it!

Hmm. Looks bare! Needs more badges/patches!

Making New Patches... Ace Roofing Co

With all the patches on this jacket, I know for sure they cannot be found or bought, particularly the Ace Roofing Co and Safe Driver/Atlantic Bell patches, so, like warmcanofcoke, I will be making this.. or at least photoshopping them and getting a company to embroider them!

While warmcanofcoke (of LiveJournal) did an excellent reproduction of this for their jacket, I always thought it looked a bit squashed, so I have made my recreation of the Ace Roofing Co patch.

This patch is always seen on Ace's jacket throughout the show and has been reproduced by the production crew for the duplicate/stunt jackets.

The top right graphic you'll see a badly done reproduction of the patch!! [Picture from "Battlefield" publicity pictures] tsk tsk BBC Costume Department - like we wouldn't notice (and we didn't but that's not the point)

For your information, the font is Bender by Jovanny Lemonad available for FREE at myfonts.com

I hope to summarise the company or companies I will be using to print/embroider these soon. Watch this space.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy Belated New Year (and Xmas!)

I hope all my readers (if any) had a good Christmas and a happy New Year - I know I did! And a wonderful year it'll be to finally finish this project and see my gorgeous wife in this jacket.

Best Wishes to you all