Monday, 13 December 2010

Unknown badge (3)

Another one I can't identify but to me, it looks like a devil/satan against white.

My first impression was that this is the Manchester United devil design because I *swear* I've seen this before but as yet I haven't found any artwork that looks similar.

The (below) publicity images show the same thing, with as little detail from the TV grab (above)

Though this second one is probably the most clearest but still no idea! Feedback welcome from followers.

Thanks to the Tragical History Tour for the images.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Safety first!

We all know Ace's jacket is adorned with badges and patches and most of them attached by safety pins!

And they have been next to impossible to buy in Bedford! The closest I found were tiny ones in a small box for a daft price.

Fortunately after much looking under rocks I have found a load of them, at a reasonable price too!

Here we go!!!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Unknown Badge (2)

Again, another unknown badge (the top one) I can't find any better imagery or understanding of, appears to be an 8 or a swirl of two circles or something - most probably a logo.

Other imagery from publicity coming shortly - unfortunately with no better perspective!

Unknown Badge (1)

First unknown badge, this strange one that I can't recall seeing in the programmes but it is in publicity material - so it MUST be there.

Click for bigger

Its a strip of metal with what I assume will be words across it. Finding other imagery for this one is difficult.

Buying patches... (1)

Its patch time now!

This time we have some more obvious "Ace" patches from the jacket, three shuttle/NASA related patches. Early on I thought these may be impossible to find given their specifics but after searching on the eBay it seems they are still in "print"!

The launch pad one appears on the (her)right arm and the other two on either side on the front. Nice and easy buy off eBay - flown all the way from the US.

Buying badges... (1)

On the 15th Nov 2010 I took the delivery of two unique badges, at first ones that I thought I would find it difficult to get my hands on, but this was not the case - thanks to eBay!

Here are two Soviet Union/USSR/Russian Communist badges, the small one has always appeared on the Ace jacket from day one ("Dragonfire") but the larger badge didn't appear until "Curse of Fenric" as a gift from Commander Sovrin.

They both have these strange awkward metal flanks that I presume I should be bending to put into position, but given the length of them and the fact I may have to cut the jacket to get them on, I think this will be quite tricky indeed!

But come to think of it, cutting the flanks should do it, while adapting the larger badge to be a pin-on (as is seen in "Curse of Fenric")

Now to get the other 35+odd badges!

The Breakdown

This blog first and foremost wouldn't have existed without the extensive research priorly done by this brilliant Livejournal post by warmcanofcoke

Click on the image above to go to the post

They have painstakingly researched publicity photographs and the programmes to garner detail as to what badges are what. Its pure gold.

There are however badges that they have either overlooked or missed entirely, those I will cover in my badge breakdown here, as and when I buy/make them myself.

Again, thank you warmcanofcoke :)


Hi I'm David and an obsessive fan of BBC TV's Doctor Who, currently starring Matt Smith as the enigmatic Time Lord. While a pure classic fan, the new series is slowly taking its grip on me but not without a fight!

I started this blog to show my progress on my little venture of making an Ace costume for my lovely wife.

Ace is probably one of my favourite companions from the classic show, first appearing with Sylvester McCoy's Seventh Doctor in "Dragonfire" for more information on the Ace character and actress Sophie Aldred, please visit TARDIS Wikia.

Please enjoy your stay

NB. I am not reckoning any higher knowledge of anything within these pages, this blog is purely to cover my observations of the original costume as well as document my making my own :)