Sunday, 22 May 2011

Progress Shot (May 2011)

This was taken earlier this month, since, there has been alot of new badge arrivals which have yet to be added, but just to show the progress on the jacket; here's my beautiful wife sporting the latest JNT trends.

As you can see, missing the main biggest patches and a few little badges but we're getting there. Since these pictures was taken, the pirate badge, the Rupert Bear club badge have been added.

Waiting arrival on the communist star and still developing the back Ace and other more custom patches and badges.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Its on the cards...

In my vague attempt to track down some more badges, I found a nice little auction for a badge of playing cards. As depicted by the warmcanofcoke breakdown of the badges, one is an arrangement of cards with the top face of the Ace of Diamonds.

I found the above badge on ebay and paid for it straight away.

It arrived the next day and I feel somewhat disappointed that, despite being informed it is roughly 1 inch in width, it is considerably smaller. Well I say considerably smaller, it is correct in width but for some reason I expected to be at least an inch in height.

The same happened previously when sourcing the Charlton Athletic badges, sellers macros are obviously very good at tricking me, or I'm just blind.

Nevermind. Not sure whether I will return it, or just put up with it.

Back to the search...

Patch: Red Star (Update)

Well, the seller finally delivered and I must say, it looks great!

It has a nice gold to it which really gives the shape texture and the added bonus is - the seller isn't asking a ridiculous price for it either!

I hope others find this and buy this for their jackets. Only thing I do not know yet, is the size, the seller has made this on my assumptions - which I'm still not clear about myself, so... more fingers crossed!

Awaiting delivery now

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Patch: Red Star

In my quest to get all the patches ready made and never make my own (that day is almost dawning) I have found a seller on ebay that makes patches themselves and one had an interesting design on them...

Yes, this is the Communist/Russian/USSR red star that is seen on Ace's (her)left arm. As you can see this one is adorned by a circle, but I have politely asked the seller if they are the maker (which they are) and whether they can do a custom one as per the Ace patch - and they said yes!

I am awaiting the unique ebay auction to materialise, then will see 1) how much it is and 2) how close it is to the image I supplied.

Oh and thirdly, is it the right size? The ruler next to it suggests it may be alittle on the small size but given I have never met the original in person or am any good at getting measurements from pictures with scaling other objects, its all guess work!

Fingers crossed!

Aaaaarrrrgh what a find!

I may very well have found the elusive and mysterious Pirate head badge

Lets hope I get it!

Monday, 2 May 2011

That bear...

The elusive Rupert Bear Club badge, in its original 1980s condition, is almost in my hands...