Sunday, 30 September 2012

Collectormania 18 (June 2012)

Very belated now, but back in June this year... and this post has been copied from my main blog here.

Collectormania 18, held again at the Milton Keynes Dons Stadium - very close to where I live! Which is always a bonus. I never like driving too far to an event that I will be cursing because its made me circle the stadium until my feet ache.

Unfortunately, this was exactly it. We spent roughly 6 hours there and must have lapped the stadium at least 15 times and clocked up just as many foot miles, lol.

This year was the first year that the Mrs and I stepped out in our glad rags, or cosplay costumes as most others call them. We attended (with uncostumed friend) as the Seventh Doctor Who and Ace, played on the telly by Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred respectively.

This really was the Mrs' costume first public appearance. It was a personal shame that it couldn't be 100% completed, but this kind of thing happens. But I did try and get it finished at the last minute the night before, ultimately failing, but nevermind.

Wife and I as Ace and 7 respectively, with our friend and fellow cosplayer George Chase on the far left there.

The wife was pleased however to bump into another Ace cosplayer, one which fortunately for her, had managed to complete her jacket. I was quite pleased to know that this Ace had used my blog as reference, which is good, thats why the blog is here!

We were attending this year to meet our favourite TV or Movie stars, as this is what these events are for. The wife has always wanted to meet Karen Gillan, aka, Amy Pond of the latest televisual series, opposite Matt Smith as Doctor Who.

Chuffed was her when Karen complimented her costume. Here's a quick snap of the moment:

Also at these events is the increasing awareness of cosplaying, hence our dress that day, but this fetish (to use this word loosely) is getting that common, that we are all finding that moment in the day to gather and take pictures as a group. This time came around 5pm, far past what I would have preferred but hey, we wanted to give it ago. You'll see below my miserable mug with others, below:

Thanks to Tori Clarkson for letting me use the images above.

Anyway, while the group shoot was interesting, it didn't interest the wife. And I have to agree with her. While we knew a few people, we felt that their personalities and outward-ness are exactly what cosplaying needs, but this isn't an attribute we possess. So this may have been the first and or last time that we will be seen amongst other cosplayers in this way in our costumes, which is a shame.

All in all the costume got some nice comments from both at the event and online afterwards, so I am quite happy with it. Unfortunately its now all boxed though, waiting for its next wear.

Anyway, the day was good, we bought a few bits and pieces, bumped into a few celebrities when they weren't behind their autograph desks (Jeff Rawle I'm looking at you!) and met some new and old friends.

Splendid day! Here's looking for the next one!

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